We all have the potential to heal ourselves. To do this, we need to wake up our immune system by clearing, detoxifying and balancing: clearing the lymphatic system, detoxifying the liver,  balancing the gut micro biome, connecting mind and gut.

 Golden Aura focuses on healing the whole person- body, mind and spirit via hirudotherapy, apitherapy, ozon therapy and biomagnetism.


Medical leech recognized as natural "mini factory" that produce a balanced set of bio-active compounds, providing multilateral influence on the human body. 

Biomagnetic Therapy

A therapeutic system for children and adults alike.  It safely eliminates parasites, bacteria, fungus, viruses and other germs therefore effectively healing most diseases, dysfunctions, ailments and pain.

Live Blood Analysis

The analysis of live, unmodified capillary blood performed to have better understanding of the condition of clients health. Nutritional and digestive aspects of blood morphology will be addressed, as well as presence of candida, viruses, parasites.


“bee therapy” is the medicinal use of products made by honeybees.  Some of the conditions treated are: multiple sclerosis, arthritis, wounds, pain, gout, shingles, burns, tendonitis, and infections. 

Ozon Therapy

Consist of the introduction of ozon into the body via various methods . This therapy has been proposed for use in various disease, including cancer, AIDS, MS, arthritis, Lyme disease etc. 


immunocorrector,which has no analog in the world.In a proceddure we make a uniqueimpregnationto the body. during impregnationthe body utselfdetermineswhat amountof nutrientsit needs. the extract is applied as long as the bodycontinues ti absorb it for nbeutralizingthe acid accumulated in the body.

Liver Detox

unique 5 day program based on a diet, herbs, biomagnets therapy.


The formal name for leech therapy – is making a comeback in the United States as an increasing number of people are looking for drug-free solutions for their health conditions. Leech therapy has been used to successfully treat thrombosis, cramped veins, heart disease, tinnitus, bruises, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, muscle complications, and numerous other conditions.



The therapeutic properties of medicinal leeches have been known  for  centuries. Treatments with leeches for various diseases  can be found in the medical collections of  most ancient civilizations such as Ancient Egypt, India and Greece. In the Middle Ages in Europe, leech therapy was an officially recognized method and gained immense popularity. However, their usefulness  had an extremely negative impact . Leeches were sold everywhere , doctors prescribed them literally for all diseases and  sometimes in unimaginable " doses " - up to 200 leeches in one session! Such excessesive use gave  leeches the bad reputation they now have.
 Renewed interest in leeches began  only in the 1990s because of the emergence of previously unknown scientific evidence showing that the healing effect of  leeches is not limited just to bloodletting. The discovery of more than 150 biologically active substances in leech saliva shocked the medical community . Scientists still cannot create  these natural compounds  artificially.In June, 2004, the Food and Drug administration (FDA) gave approval for the commercial marketing of Medicinal Leeches as  medical devices. While leeches fell out of favor in the US and most of Europe, they continued to be used elsewhere, especially Germany and Russia. Therefore, medical research into the benefit and capability of leeches is most developed in these two countries, with Russia the foremost producer of the medical leech, Hirudo Medicinalis. Hirudotherapy is regaining worldwide popularity as a natural solution in alternative medicine. And in combination with other offered modalities, makes it a powerful, yet safe way back to health.


Application/Leech treatment information

During a treatment session about 4-5 leeches are applied to the problem area. A leech bite feels like a persistent mosqito bite.When the leeches attach, a person will experience minimal discomfort. Leech saliva has analgesic properties, so there is little sensation while during the session . It remains on the skin between 2 minute and one hour, depending on the problem. A three-pronged mark, like the Mercedes insignia, is left behind and eventually fades.The attachment site oozes blood ,lymph,and pus-like substance. This continues for 6 to 12 hour, so the area is heavily bandaged. Some times oozing may continue up to 24 hours. After the treatment, do not remove the first bandage, just apply a second. Take it easy for the rest of the day . Relax and stay calm ,drink plenty of tea and water. The next day remove the bandage ,wash the area and apply the special gel to prevent itching. Besides improving your condition of concern, leech treatment will turn your biological clock back by facilitating detoxification, rejuvenation, anti-inflamatory effect, anti-bacterial effect as well as blood purification. On the day of treatment, do not remove the first bandage, just apply a second. Stay quiet for the rest of the day and it is recommended that you do not go to work the following day. Relax and stay calm, drink pleanty of tea and water.

Golden Aura is Your Natural Path to Healthier Life

Golden Aura focuses on healing the whole person- body, mind and spirit via hirudotherapy, apitherapy, ozontherapy and biomagnetism.
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